Bachelor, Budva, Montenegro

Team: M3

Architect: Kate Turbina, Koss Turbin, Illia Temnov

Program: Private Apartment

Area: 120 m2

Year: 2016-2017

The Bachelor interior in Budva, Montenegro: Minimalism is new luxury 

The realisation of an interior projects within the minimalist aesthetics is neutral in my career journey. Since my students’ times, I have been inspired by the Masters like Louis Kahn, Philip Johnson, Richard Meier and, and presently finds inspiration in the storytelling and design of new classics by David Chipperfield, OMA, Ajaye, Olson Kundig Architect.

While my ambition remains centered on designing awe-inspiring skyscrapers and entire cities, I develop elegant minimalist spaces in different cities representing ideas of reasonable design. I refined my taste for research and innovation as well as exploring new territories of design, by managing numerous commercial, working spaces and conceptual projects through projects of interior design and creation of furniture.

The minimalist aesthetics offers numerous benefits

I found The minimalist’s podcasts on Youtube and thought that I found what I was looking for within my projects. This project is a good reference for those who are lovers of clean lines and superbly understated aesthetics. It is definitely going to tick all of your boxes.

Inspired by  Joshua Fieldsmillburn and Ryan Nicodemus project The Minimalists in early 2016 when this direction of new luxury just has started in a collaboration with Koss Turbin and Illia Temnov I was focused on honouring artful moments in everyday life by creating home that double as sanctuary. 

Living room and reading area

Current generation of affluent young individuals is increasingly prioritising longevity and well-being. Smart living principles by Bryan Jonson are the new normal. 

It has been observed that maintaining a clean and uncluttered living environment can have significant positive impacts on both physical and mental health. Having excessive material desires often leads to heightened levels of stress and anxiety. Moreover, an abundance of clutter in your surroundings can perpetuate worries about never being able to complete the task of tidying up. Interestingly, a disorganised home environment can also contribute to disorganised thoughts and mental chaos.

Details in design are crucial

World-Class Luxurious Living in This Budva Home

Everyone dreams to live in this sort of luxury during our bachelor days. This apartment belongs to a young Italian IT professional and located in a sunny Budva, Montenegro, close to the Adriatic Sea.

Furniture plan

For this space, we bridged intimate spaces with expansive living appropriate for parties. There were mixed luxurious materials with modern solutions and dramatic custom touches. We brought a bold vision to the project while carefully considering the owner's proclivities and needs of comfort and privacy.

One-bedroom, two-bathroom place is extended over 100 sq.m Overflowing with neutral tones throughout, the Minimalist Bachelor Apartment will stand out to those who deplore clutter and love free-flowing open spaces with great little design flourishes and features that make for a much more comfortable living environment. 

Living room

All the space is wisely divided into 2 major areas: public and private. Entertaining spaces include a kitchen with a modern dining space released as the kitchen island and a living room with an endless view from the window. The material palette is masterfully restrained, but conversation pieces around by its simplicity. The public space includes a wardrobe and guest bathroom. Walls are clad in marble stone and ceramics. All the storing and equipment are hidden in walls. Natural touches include leafy potted trees and softwoods throughout. The kitchen features multiple sinks, modern hidden equipment and extended kitchen countertop.

The living room and a kitchen

Serene spaces were created to bring comfort and inspiration within the clearance and elegance of lines. The bedroom, meanwhile, looks out toward a living room and has a floor-to-ceiling window. The architects created a mixed use bedroom combining a dressing room with the bathroom area and open sink and added a cubby with an espresso maker, perfect for a morning jolt of caffeine!



Bedroom area combined with wardrobe and a bathroom

Bedroom area combined with wardrobe and a bathroom

Instead of resume

The minimalist philosophy aims to create something extraordinary, akin to a work of art, while incorporating technological elements and embracing the principles of sustainable living. Embracing these ideals promises to add value to our daily lives and pave the way for a brighter future characterised by a slower and more intentional way of living.

I am looking for such people who possess the same bravery and passion for experimentation as I do, and who are enthusiastic bringin the innovative ideas to life. If you find yourself drawn to the atmosphere of my concept, I would be honored to collaborate with you in any way possible. You are invited to explore more of my projects at my website:!


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Architecture, design, management.







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