Forest cabin

Team: Kate Turbina, Koss Turbin, Illya Temnov (M3 Architects)

3D: M3 VIZ

Ukraine/ 2018

Exterior view


We have developed a completely autonomous unit- Modular house for life in the suburb.

The main idea of this project is to produce the house in short terms at a factory using recycled and modern materials and to assemble the house on a piece of land or in your backyard within 1 day. 

Besides, this house can be placed in any picturesque location provided there is a permission. We were challenged to think about a completely autonomos cabin (off-grid).

This project became visionary. In 2022 many magazines started to speak about “modular construction” and prefab tiny modular houses like about a new extremely perspective trend.

What is modular?

Nowadays, "Modular Construction" is one of the most influential technologies. It is topical in residential and commercial sectors. It has a massive impact on other industries, due to its multiple benefits.

Modular units consist of separate prefabricated sections (modules). The modules are repeatable, сonstructed off-site and competitive with the speed of production comparing with traditional constructions. Delivered modules are put together into the final form. Modular construction works for both long-term or temporary lodgings.

Today the house can be easily ordered on-line and brought in a box. 

Exterior view


I found some tendencies which affect the industry of residential constructing.

1). There is trend after COVID-19 to work outside the city. Companies allowed to visit office once a week and accepted a remote work. Today every house has access to Internet. So you can easily hide into a suburb to be focused on a project.

2). There is a new norm to work and live in a sky-scraper in a city centre however slow living and anti age (longevity) program requires being surrounded by nature. Thats why many people now feel strong connection to nature transmitting daily scenarios there. 

3). Own house and a land give a strong confidence in tomorrow.


Variously known as granny flats, garden offices, gyms or casitas, ADUs are small, additional rental units that share a lot with another structure—typically a single-family home.

5). Prefab tiny homes and modular housing is a skyrocketing ADU trend. ADUs have been permitted since 2016. Today it is easy to get the permission to bring ADU to the backyard. This increases the profitability and property value.


There are the examples. American market is growing. In Europe today it’s common and cheap and sustainable.  Based on these I want to mention other tendencies:

  • Glamping is a trend in eco tourism industry. 

Many people gather in teams for hiking or a brainstorm in the nature

  • Sustainable balanced and slow-living-spaces is a trend in creative audience. 

Today is common to work in a suburb and visit the City once a week.

  • Off-grid- is new normal

It’s a challenge for architects and customers. Thinking of the climate change there is a need to rethink the solutions in future projects.

  • Design- integrated minimalistic cosy simplified and natural is a timeless solution in residential projects.

We all need nature to calm down, we rest in a structured balanced space, we love spacious lightened rooms and cosy bedrooms. 

Exterior view

Benefits of Prefab

Why Are Prefab Homes So Popular? There are many reasons why prefab homes have become so popular. Here are just some of them:

1) Affordable Housing (Cost)

2) Speed Of Construction 

3) Eco-Friendly (Energy Efficient/off-grid)

4) Durable 

6) Customizable/ Flexible/ Versatile

7) High quality

Furnishing is a popular service in design. And there is a trend to have something locally made. Modular house assumes custom made furniture of the built in storing and the furnishing with crafted, Vintage, Re-sale or design items. There is a wide range of possibilities in this sector. 


One of the most famous project is Pop-Up house. Multipod Studio have patented a unique approach to passive construction that delivers outstanding thermal insulation at an affordable cost. 

Recently  Carr Design Group have completed a modular house in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia.

Architects from Kent, England, create ECOSCAPE studios  Since developing their first Ecospace® prototype in 2002, they’ve worked on a number of impressive projects, from tiny modular workspaces to large school classrooms. 

One of the example of a step into the future. MightyBuildings – 3D-printed houses. These modular houses are in high demand in California. I was lucky to appear at the site in Palms Springs during my business trip in 2022. I believe in this project. However at the link you can find more examples. 

Prefabricated houses are the future residential house trend in Vietnam as well. 

Samara provides a studio and one bedroom modular houses with affordable prices.

Joe Gebbia (Airbnb's cofounder ) signaling the boom of tiny homes (ADU) market.

Hi quality Cover houses makes good design available to everyone, arranges the permits for building and can manufacture and install a structure within 12 weeks, because the structures are prefabricated and built in a factory, assembly only takes two days. 

In Russia there is popular startup Dubldom became a trend during 2018-2021.

And Elon Musk lives in 50 000 USD tiny cabin.

The forecasts predict that manufactured homes will remain the largest segment , this will increase in demand of easily relocatable houses without dismantling it. There is more info at the link.


Journalist M. Nolan Gray predicts the housing revolution. Modular construction is gaining popularity and recognition both inside and outside the construction industry, the importance will only grow in the upcoming years. It's an exciting time to be in the industry. 

I am looking for likewise brave people who like to experiment and share their innovative ideas while working on the project. If you feel attracted by the atmosphere of my concept I welcome any form of collaboration. More works at my website! You are invited to follow this link:!


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