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My name is Kate Turbina.

My experience in designing dozens of public interiors helped me understand the aims of architects and their need to effectively and quickly decorate locations. With this in mind I became one of the creative designers for the brand ALot which appeared on the pages of the most popular and valuable magazines such as ELLE.DECOR, AD Magazine, Interior+Design in 2022. I designed a collection of office cabins for KIT.WORKS in 2019-2020. Today my target is to set up and develop my own furniture brand in Istanbul - LOCAL MADE ™.


A. Creating furniture based on the idea “rethink & design”

B. Experimenting &have fun.

C. Considering Zero Waste approach.

D. Aimed to use recycling materials.

E. Collaborating with companies using new technology.

F. Good quality & minimalistic design last longer diminishing consumerism.


We create furniture items for commercial, retail, public and working spaces. We know how to create minimalistic, suitable and rebelious designs.


HEY! is a stool reduced to its basic geometry with three heights. The design has clear influences from Pop Art culture, and as the name suggests, the stool confess with a sudden and distinct first impression. 

The legs comes of metal the same as the feet pipe. 

The included seat can be made of wooden base or recycled plastic. HEY! is delivered disassembled in flat packages, for a climate-smart transport. The flat packages are also easy to transport and assemble, where a few components are connected with a smart wedge fitting.

HUG stool

HUG is a common chair aesthetics.

We wanted to create a chair to each interior project. 

It is simple and can be upholstered or made of a veneer finishing. The legs come of metal pipe. 

HUG is delivered as a solid assembled item. 


COMmON! bar stool is an item to each bar. It is simple, nice, very utilitarian and bold. 

The design has clear influences from a automobile production, construction site, technology. We aimed to create a technological but common item that can be integrated to each interior.


HUG chair


is an armchair reduced to its basic geometry with simple elements. The design has clear influences from constructivists’ culture, but the name is an emotional part of your buzz laying on the coach, chilling or having lunch at the cafe. 

It is made of soft upholstered pads on the metal legs. The legs comes of metal to perform a stable base. The pads and legs can be any color on demand. There are different compositions: armchair, lounge chair, sofa, daybed. 

Pick your preferable solution and use it in any type of a project.


"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Albert Einstein


There is a small bunch of materials we work with. Our aim is to approach the simplicity and fun. We employ technological and sustainable solutions.

We challenged ourselves not confront but collaborate with all talents, productions and product designers, those who dream big and change world via design.

For Whom?

We work with different clients from 1 chair to 1000

S. individual customer

M. local business / entrepreneur

L. who works with design (agencies, producers,developers, decorators)

XL. developers (in BULK)

XXL. *hotel/*horeca chains (in BULK)

We provide a furniture layout service based on our models

Furniture plan is one of the most important part of the project. Today we support commercial projects with the furniture layout development based on the business goals and trends in design. Our furniture kit allows to furnish all spaces on demand. We can work with public and private properties and provide architectural layout and supply.

Hey, let’s create new spaces with Local made™

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Architecture, design, management.

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